Lace Hair Toppers: Things you need to know

Lace toppers, mono toppers, and silk toppers are the three of the main varieties of topper base materials which are available in the market. Each of these base types may be purchased with or without a lace front depending on your preference.

However, there are a lot of folks who are curious about which option is ideal for them: do you need a lace front? In what way does it matter? And when should you opt for a full lace hair topper? Continue reading this article to learn which kind is ideal for someone with your specific characteristics.

Lace hair toppers are those in which the hair is attached to the lace by hand-tying it. Lace bases are intended to be both soft and breathable. The front lace is a component of every lace topper. However, the most defining feature of lace material is that it’s extremely natural-looking and realistic. Want a hairpiece that will be undetectable to others since it will look just like your hair? You’ll want a lace base.

Mono toppers, meanwhile, provide a natural appearance at the parting line. You have the choice of going with a mono topper that does not include a lace front or going with a combo that includes a mono top and a lace front. However, as a whole, they are not as natural-looking as lace if that’s your top priority. With that said, they are extremely durable.

If you have a receding hairline in the front, choosing a human hair topper that has a lace front would be the ideal option for you. Because of this, a lace front provides a transition from the hair topper to your hairline that is natural-looking.

If you want to wear a lace front hair topper, you should place it so that it sits directly on your front hairline or slightly more in front to hide the receding hairline. It is not as crucial to match the color of your hair topper with your hair color when you have a lace front topper.

It’s possible that a non-lace front matters for you if you have a bald area on the top of your head, often known as the crown, but your hairline is still intact. You have to have enough hair to blend the hair in and utilize to attach the clips in if you want a non-lace front.

What Are The Different Hair Topper Base Types?